Saturday, 3 October 2009

My First Blog

Hi !!! I am Sangeetha Girish , a typical mallu girl full of passion for experiments with cooking recipes.
This is my first blog experience. I am planning to share my experience with trying out various food recipes.I am not a professional cook but only a student of the art of cooking learnt from my family,friends and of course the internet.
Food is in a way like music.There is no end to learning and if delivered correctly, it can please anyone.One can keep exploring new cuisines & cooking tips every day and still be amazed.

Hope to come back soon with my learnings.


  1. great stuff. havent visited this blog for a while. i just realised how much u have built up. well done sangi and girish

  2. Hi Sangeetha,

    You doing a good job..Carry on..

    Thank you.:)

  3. Hi sangeetha

    Doing good job..

    Thank you..:)


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