Monday, 22 March 2010

Green gram sprout salad

Nutrient packed sprouts have higher biological efficiency and are easy to digest than whole seeds.  Sprouted green gram with the addition of vegetables makes this salad very nutritious. Its easy and quick to make at the same time very tasty.
What you need for green gram sprout salad:
  • Green gram sprout-1 cup
  • Onion-1 chopped
  • Tomato -1 chopped
  • Green chilli-2
  • Lime juice-1tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Garam masala-a pinch
  • Pepper powder-a pinch
  • Chat masala-a pinch
The preparation method:
  • Mix all the ingrediants together.
  • Salt is optional,if you want add salt when serving the salad.Avoid salt if you can.
  • Start your meal with this salad rather than eating it along with or after your meal.

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