Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pazham Nirachath

Pazham Nirachathu in Malayalam means Stufffed Banana. Ripe Banana stuffed with grated coconuts, nuts, and then its fried in ghee. It’s such a simple and easy snack which can be prepared in just a matter of minutes using the ingredients that are always seen in the pantry and not only that this is healthy, filling and a nutritious snacks.

What you need for Pazham Nirachathu:
  • Ethapazham/Ripe Plantain - 2
  • For the filling.
      • Ghee - 2 tbsp
      • Coconut -1 cup
      • Sugar - 5 tbsp
      • Cardamom pwdr
      • Cashews & raisins
      • Maida -2 tbsp
    The Preparation Method:
    • Heat ghee in a pan and roast the cashews and raisins. Add the grated coconut and saute a little. Then add sugar and cardamom powder and mix nicely.
    • Wash and  cut the two tips of the ripe bananas. Make a slit through the centre of the bananas. Be careful not to cut open. Stuff with the filling nicely and fully.
    •  Make a thick paste of little maida with water. Seal over the filling. Peel the skin off and deep fry.
    •  Cut into slices and enjoy!

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