Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tender Coconut Juice

Tender Coconut is Nature's gift to beat the summer heat.Tender Coconut Juice , a speciality of city of Calicut in Kerala , is a nice, cool and refreshing drink for a hot summer day. Enjoy !
What you need to make Tender Coconut Juice:
  • Tender Coconut - 1
  • Sugar - according to taste
  • Cardamom - 1
The preparation method:
  • Make a hole on the Tender Coconut (as usual we do for drinking) and pour all the sweet water to a cup.Cut the tender coconut. Remove the white fleshy part with a spoon.
  • Put this into the jar of juicer with the tender coconut water, cardomam and enough sugar.Blend this until smooth. Sieve it if you like and add ice cubes also.
  • Refreshing Tender Coconut juice is ready to served chilled!


  1. Looks very healthy and Tasty...Worth trying :)

  2. WOW I LIKE IT...


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