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Sandesh is a very popular Bengali sweet treat. Traditional Sandesh calls for two separate recipes – the making of the paneer (cheese) and then the recipe for the dessert where you mix in the fresh cheese with the rest of the ingredients.

What you need for Sandesh:
  • Milk -1 liter full fat
  • Lemon juice -4 tbsp
  • Sugar -1 cup
  • Saffron - pinch
  • Pistachio -few
  • Cardamom powder -pinch
  • Rose essence -1 tbsp
The Preparation method:
  • Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan.Keep stirring occasionally to ensure the milk doesn't get burned.
  • Once the milk start boiling, add the lemon juice slowly.Keep stirring ,till the milk starts curdling. Switch off the flame.
  • Use a cheese cloth or muslin cloth or any clean cloth to strain the water from the paneer .
  • Once the water is completely strained , knead the paneer like chapathi dough.Now you can add saffron ,rosewater cardamom powder and sugar .Mix it well.
  • Now heat a pan and add this mixture, Keep stirring in a medium heat up to 5 to 7 minutes.Be careful and ensure the mix does not get burned. Preferably you can use non stick tawa.
  • Now switch off the flame. After the mix has  cooled down again you, have to knead like chapathi dough.
  • Make small ball out of this dough and each ball flatten like them to round shape .
  • You can decorate with saffron and pistachios.
  • Tasty sandesh is ready to be served.

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