Sunday, 3 October 2010

First Anniversary !!!

Today Oct 3rd "Welcome to Our Kitchen " blog turns ONE year!!! It has been exactly one year since we posted our first blog post and shared the first recipe with you. We can hardly believe that our beloved blog is now one year old! This blog has introduced us to a whole new world of cooking and photography. We had no idea how many wonderful friends we would meet and how much we would learn.Thank you all for the encouragement and inspiration you have given us Every comment brings a smile to our face.
We will be posting new recipes in future and seek your love and support as well.

Thanks a lot!


  1. Well done Sangi and Girish
    Keep it up. hoping to see much more there

    some suggestions
    1. The banana leaf is better off as a background or a fading screen. people dont want to scroll too much.
    2. the page margin is 25% wasted. if you could use it that would be great. less scrolling or more info in one screen
    3. live feed is great but scary since visitors usually dont like being watched or tracked. keep it in a different page
    4. add a rating system (in addition to labels)
    5. add email subscriptions options for people who dont want to use google connect or feeds but want to know when you add on new stuff

    more advice if you want... doesnt cost me much :P

  2. Congrads dear on your first anniversary... I am new to ur blog..u have a lovely blog


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